What does a textbook look like as a world that the students of tomorrow are going to explore? Discovr Labs is dedicated to using immersive technology to create the most compelling educational experiences.

Learning should be about more than just pushing test scores. It’s a process of self-development and actualization. Virtual reality will become an important part of that process, allowing people to discover their passions and learn about their interests by putting them inside of the subject matter.

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Medical Science

Medical visualizations to training simulations.

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Whether it's for your classroom, small business, or even yourself, Discovr is here to help. We take out all of the mysticism of VR but none of the magic.

Implementation and Ongoing support

Discovr Labs does all the handy work for you. From hardware implementation, software installation and training, We’ll make sure our solutions are ready to go out of the box. Every package is customized to your needs; both the experiences that are built and the process to use them. We’re always here to help with troubleshooting and upgrades.

Learn about history and heritage by being there!

Imagine travelling back in time to the height of the Roman Empire, or visiting the tomb of King Tutankhamun. At Discovr Labs we partner up with some of the world’s brightest archaeologists and historians to bring you accurate reconstructions of some of the world’s greatest historical sites.

70 AD


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In The News

See what people have said about us.

Virtual reality, thought to be dead after it failed in the hands of '90s technology, is back. And this time it could change education for the better.

Education is one of the things that excites us most about virtual reality. One of the companies hard at work bringing the future of education to light is Discovr.

Just like textbooks, educational VR content needs to be authored, which means that a company like Discovr could become as well known in the education space as Pearson.

Discovr Labs, a Disrupt SF Battlefield 2015 company, is taking the first steps to bring VR into the classroom.

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